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I Became a Business Woman

April 30, 2013

So dear ones, I bet you have been wondering where I have been. Well, I started my own Etsy shop. It’s called Bath and Body Apothecary. I carry bath salts, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, an anti aging cream, and an all purpose healing salve. I have much more planned including bath bombs or bath fizzies, soaps (which may or may not already be made :P ) candles, new types and scents of bath salts, shampoos and conditioners, perfumes, bubble baths, shower gels, and so much more! Oh, I’m just getting all excited thinking about it. But alas, if I am to expand my business, I need customers. At least one lol. I only opened on the 16th of this month, but I still need that one initial customer.

There is even better news. Now through May 12th, simply enter MOTHER at checkout to save 30% on your purchase (a minimum purchase of $10.00). So there really is no excuse. Help a little witch out. Go buy something from my shop. I guarantee that you will love it.


EDIT: IT has been pointed out to me that the link to my shop did not show up. I so apologize. Here it is. Again I am so sorry for that.


Light and Love,



Bonjour mes jolis bébés, je suis de retour!

January 27, 2013

So after a long complicated time, I have finally decided to return to the blogging scene. (Cue applause.) I should probably update everyone on where I have been and what I have been doing, so here it goes.

I have procured a place to live! Yay me! Our home is small but cozy. We have completely rebuild the entire interior. We ripped up the floors and placed new ones. We ripped out some walls and build new ones. We ripped out a ceiling or two and replaced them. We put down all new flooring, hooked up pluming and electricity, and got internet out here! It was a lot of work but after six months, the place really does look amazing. I wish I had thought to take before and after pictures.

I am back in school! I am taking classes at one of the local colleges and have switched my major to anthropology. I’m not exactly sure what specific thing I want to do in anthropology but I’ll figure it out soon. 

I have another blog! This one is on Tumblr. It is for the more mundane part of my life. The URL is Everyone should check it out.


So that is really it. I will be posting more regularly from now on. So until then, take care my pretty doves.


Love and Light,


Neglect is never a good thing

May 2, 2012

Oh my dear sweet blog, how I have missed you. I know it has been too long and that I have neglected you oh so terribly, but life has been rather hectic lately. I figured I would post this post today for I may not get another chance for a while. I loose my job tomorrow and somehow need to find another one before the end of the month or risk living in my car. Not to mention I’m 300 bucks short on rent and it’s due tomorrow. Le sigh. I know I most likely will be moving in the next month, but I’m not sure where. I don’t know if it will be to DeBary, Altamonte Springs, Bithlo, or a parking lot. So far, things aren’t looking good for us but I have hope. If worse comes to worst, my daughter will live with my parents and my man and I will live in the car until we could save enough money for another place. So dear sweet blog, do not think I am purposefully neglecting you. It’s just right now I’m trying to figure out a way to survive.


All my love,


The first fight

March 12, 2012

You know, there are some days when you wake up and immediately want to grab the nearest sharp object and jam it straight into your temple. This was me Sunday morning. I woke up after only having a couple hours of sleep hung-over and vaguely remembered everything that happened the night before…and then realized my boyfriend wasn’t beside me. I wanted to shoot myself. I thought he had left, that I had chased him away and for a brief moment, panic overtook me but before I could act, here he came from the bedroom, still somewhat drunk but there all the same. The relief I felt literally left me shaking.

The night before we had went to a party and both of us got rather drunk. When I’m drunk I tend to pick one person I want to be all over and that’s exactly what I do. I don’t know why I do it, I don’t like that I do it but I do. Anyhow, my actions upset my boyfriend though I warned him it would happen beforehand. Neither of us thought it would bother him but it did.

So once we were driven home, we got into it like nobody’s business. I’ll spare you the messy details but I will say that many things were broken and many tears were shed. Finally after two or three hours of fighting, we went to sleep.

Now that I have time to reflect, I realize one thing. I love J.D. more than anything or anyone I have ever loved. Last night I asked him if he thought things would work between me and him. He said “No, I don’t think it will work…” And my heart literally broke and I couldn’t breathe. He followed that statement not even a breath later saying, “I know it will work.”

I now feel so ashamed of my actions and of who I am. I don’t deserve this kind of love and I know that. I just wish I was better, less destructive…I want him to be able to truly love me and though I know he does now, I don’t believe it can last if I continue being the way I am now. I need help. So consider this my plea to the gods…Help me change so that I may keep the one I truly love.


February 27, 2012

Sometimes the Gods give you things you never expected. Just last month, I was engaged to a man I loved but hated, I was in an emotionally abusive relationship, and I was not happy but I didn’t realize it. Now I’m with a man whom I love dearly, who makes me happy, and who is willing to take care of me and smile at my flaws instead of trying to change me (he’s damn good in bed too.)

It strikes me weird how fast things have changed. Over the course of a weekend, I have lost a fiancé, kicked him out, gained a new boyfriend, and had him move in. Now I know what everyone is thinking. That I moved too fast and this is going to blow up in my face. Believe me, I felt the same way but as each day goes on, it becomes more apparent that this is what was supposed to happen.

The oddest thing that has happened was the wedding rings. I had bought many things for mine and my ex’s wedding, including a pair of wedding rings. I ordered the pair but wasn’t sure what size ring my ex wore so I just guessed. It turned out to be way too big for him so I had planned to send it back and get a smaller size but never got around to it.

Yesterday, while I and the new man were cleaning, we came across the rings and I read the return policy. I realized I had waited too long to return them. I showed them to J.D. (who is the new man) and he instantly fell in love with them saying they were how he had always wanted wedding bands to be. Out of curiosity, he tried the one that I had bought for my ex on and it fit him absolutely perfectly. We were both floored. What are the odds that I would get the size that fit him? So I gave J.D. that ring and I wear mine for it seems like a sign that these were meant for me and J.D.

You may think I am being silly and maybe I am but I know that I am the happiest I have ever been. I know that I am slowly becoming comfortable with who I am and not being ashamed anymore. So you may call me silly or even foolish but I am happy and really that is all that matters.


Apologies to all

February 13, 2012

I realize that last week I did not do my normal herb of the week post. I am truly sorry. I had a hectic week and a horrible weekend. I will try to make the post this week but with what is going on I’m not sure if it will happen. I have made a horrible decision which has resulted in the loss of the intimate relationship between myself and my best friend. I am now having to deal with the repercussions of my mistake and I don’t know how long it will take for everything to be ok. It may never be ok. I know I certainly won’t. *sigh*

Queen of Clusterfucks

February 7, 2012

Today for you I have a cautionary tale. As damn near anyone who has known me for more than five minutes will tell you, I am the Queen of clusterfucking myself so fucking hard I can’t walk straight for a week. I’m so fucking good at it; someone should buy me a tiara.

What have I done this time, you ask. Well, I have communication and inspiration problems. I woke up one day and I couldn’t write anymore. I had been this way for years. My creativity and inspiration used to be a roaring fire that never went out. Lately, I’m lucky if I get a little fizzle (think I should invite air over for dinner?). Well I spoke with my high priestess about these issues and she suggested some meditation and some spellwork. So here I go, trotting off to the store to buy supplies.

For my spell, I used a yellow(color of air)seven-day candle, dragon’s blood, lavender, sage, and bergamot oil for dressing and incense, wrote what I wanted on paper with dove ink, and said a little chant while I burned the paper, scattered the ashes in the wind, and let the candle burn. Sounds cool right? Wrong!

First off, my candle is still burning a week later (guess they mean it when they say seven-day candle) and I can’t stop writing! In my excitement, I forgot to put limitations on my spell. Well, I don’t know if it so much that I forgot or that I just hate limitations. Many times people have described me as the “mighty hurricane/tornado that ripped through my life and turned everything upside down.”

That's me! Aren't I so pretty?

Sound like a person with limitations? I think not. (And again, does anyone see the issues with air here?) So take it from the Queen of clusterfucks and storms, don’t forget your limitations! You don’t want to be like me.


Well that’s all for my rant. Now I have to go finish writing this story that has been pouring out of me in a volcano of words for days!!!!