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Karate High School

January 24, 2012

We interrupt the normal prattling about herbs, tea, and witchery for me to prattle about something else. When I was in high school (which seems like it was a million years ago when in fact it was only five years ago) I went to a show with a friend to see a band called The Medic Droid. Now The Medic Droid was the soundtrack for our entire lives at the time. Their song “Fer Sure” is what we sang to, fucked to, and snorted our cocaine to so naturally when I heard they were coming to town, I had to go.

So here I and my friend go down to this dingy, dark, and very small club called the Back Booth (with my mother in tow since someone had to drive. Not that my mom remembers it well. She was so drunk, I ended up driving anyway.)  We’re packed into the club like sardines and I’m being pressed up against the stage.

Well of course The Medic Droid has an opening act. It was an experimental rock band called Karate High School. Now when they were announced, I and my friend looked at each other like “Oh gods, save us from the cheesiness,” but in fact when they started playing, I was blown away. I felt exhilarated and extremely turned on (shut up, I was fifteen.)

Well here I am rocking out to this new found euphoria and the singer gets down on the floor and hands me the mic to hold while he sings into it then he pets my hair, caresses my cheek, kisses me, and returns to carrying on his show. I was floored, flabbergasted, and extremely flattered.

You see, I had never considered myself anything eye catching or beautiful. I surrounded myself with beautiful people and fucked beautiful people, but never considered myself one of them. Yet here stood a beautiful person (and to my fifteen year old eyes, Paul McGuire was absolutely chocolate cheesecake worthy) who chose me out of a sea of beautiful people as his own.

Now in all reality, he probably did that because I was a pretty girl and close to the stage but that day made me realize my beauty and self worth. I listened to their music religiously for about a year but eventually forgot about them until today. I found out that they no longer are inexistence here:

I must admit this makes me sad. I need to find a new copy of League of Tomorrow which was my favorite album and I want to thank Paul McGuire for helping this little witch realize her self-worth. You truly are amazing.

Oh as a side note, that night of the show my mother got hit on by the bassist of Karate High School. I guess like daughter like mother lol.


Also, I realize how cheesy and lame this sounds but I live in a fantasy world and don’t care much for reality so leave me alone.

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