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My Little Wand

January 24, 2012

My oak wand is rather special to me. For so long I had been wand-less, using my short sword or fingers to do my work. Although I use my short sword regularly, I am not very fond of it. It was a gift I put to use and although it serves its purpose well, it doesn’t have the right feel to it. What I needed was a wand.

I wanted something unique and special and it had to have a crystal on it. I scoured Amazon and eBay, my local metaphysical shops, everywhere I could think of but everything was too pricey and nothing called out to me saying “ooo ooo ooo pick me pick me pretty pretty please!!!!” After exhausting myself and my resources, I was about to give up, thinking I would be the wand-less witch forever. Then one day my prince in tainted armor (if it was shiny, I‘d go crazy and besides he has his flaws too) handed me a stick he had found in my friend’s backyard while he watched us have circle (my prince rarely participates for he is afraid of messing up.)

This stick was cute, as long as my forearm from elbow to mid-palm and was forked just a little at the top. Of course I thanked my prince (after all, he bringing me things like this is a common occurrence. I have collections of fossilized shells that he brings me from his job at the coal plant) and I took my little stick home with me.

Some friends had mentioned making a wand out of my little stick but I said that I had no crystal or any idea how to make a wand. Well my prince living up to his nature got wind of this and brought home some thick copper wire he had stolen from the plant for me. I swooned at this grand gesture but I still had no crystal. I went to Avalon which is our local witchy store but there were no crystals that would work.

Well one day my magickal partner at the time took me down to old town for the night just to look around and hang out. Well there just so happened to be a mineral and gem shop on the strip that we decided to go into. Waiting for me inside the store in a display was a bunch of little crystals. I squeed and combed through them, looking for the perfect one. I finally found the perfect one then realized with much dismay that I had no money. I put the crystal back and moped around the store. Well my devious magickal partner came behind me and scooped up the crystal and paid for it against my protests and gave it to me.

So once I got home, I had my three pieces to potentially make the perfect wand, but how? I pondered this for days and finally it dawned on me. I stuck the crystal in between the forked part of the stick then wrapped the copper wire around to hold it in place an viola, I had my wand. I then cleansed, consecrated, and made it my own (by streaking my blood down it) and sat back happy.

Here is my end result:

My wand 🙂


Now here are the properties of the materials of my wand:

Oak: Strong masculine energy, aligned with earth, water, and spirit. Magickal properties of truth, steadfast knowledge, protection. Oak wands bring vitality and a long life, promote observation and intuition, and inspire bravery, presence, leadership skills, prosperity, and strength.

Quartz Crystal:

Energy- protective, receptive

Planet- sun, moon

Elements- fire, water

Deity- The Great Mother

Magickal properties- protection, healing, psychism, power



Energy- reception

Element- water

Deities- Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar

Magickal properties- energy direction, healing, luck, love, money, protection.

Copper can amplify thoughts when sending and receiving psychic communication.


So now I have a beautiful wand. Next I need a good athame, staff, and Book of Shadows. Hmmm……

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  1. January 24, 2012 4:55 pm

    That is a very pretty wand. I hope it serves you well. Hopefully soon I can get my own wand. I’m thinking ebony 🙂

    • Lady Shardae permalink
      January 24, 2012 5:20 pm

      Ooo That would be pretty! Isn’t ebony expensive though?

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