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Herb of the Week: Mugwort

January 18, 2012

Our new herb of the week is *DUN DUN DUN* (Insert dramatics here) MUGWORT!!! Now, as I explained in the last herb of the week post, I will be choosing the herb of the week until people start voting for one. I’m thinking about inserting a poll for this.

It kinda reminds me of Cannibus

Anyway, our herb of the week is one almost everyone has heard about. Most of the things you’ve heard are probably exaggerations or just plain false but nevertheless, Mugwort is an awesome little herb.

So we all know that mugwort has been used in witchcraft for quite some time now *wink wink* but did you know it can be used medicinally too? Yep, that’s right; mugwort can be used for a variety of problem pertaining to the digestive tract. Mugwort starts by stimulating gastric juices, speeds up the digestion process, and relieves flatulence and bloating. Mugwort essential oil can also be used medicinally for it is both antibacterial and antifungal.

Magickally, mugwort is feminine, ruled by Venus, and associated with the element of earth. Its properties are strength, psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams, healing, and astral projection. Mugwort is also the main ingredient in dream pillows and can be used in as either a tea or essential oil to anoint divination tools. Burning mugwort while scrying also helps to enhance divination.


First and foremost, never ingest the essential oil of any plant or use on the skin without diluting with a carrier oil first. Essential oils are just too damn concentrated for this. Secondly, women pregnant or breast-feeding should not ingest mugwort in any form. Also, habitual use (this only applies in ingesting the herb) may cause nervous system damage and liver problems. I recommend no more than a cup a day and no longer than a week straight.

Alas, mugwort makes a very bitter tea and most don’t like it by itself. I, myself, blend it with equal parts of Damiana and rose petals, then let it brew for fifteen minutes. It tastes like absolute heaven.

Ok, so folks, I charge you with a duty. Vote for next week’s her of the week (told you I’d insert a poll).

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